Indian Caterers

This is an article on Indian Caterers in the UK

1612 was the era when the British or the East Indian Company first arrived at Surat in India. They came here to establish business and common friendly relations between the two countries. But eventually they settled down and colonized India in the 17th century. For this reason we can find strong influences from Indian culture and cuisines on UK catering business.

History of UK’s Indian Cuisines and recipes go a long way to about 4 centuries. These cuisines have undergone a sea change in the United Kingdom (UK) as also in India. The first Indian food arrived at the daily menu of a Coffee House in Norris Street, Haymarket London. But the first exclusive Indian cuisine was made available in 1809 at the Hindostanee Coffee House at Portman Square, London. Slowly as the demand grew, more and more businesses and restaurants opened up at different streets and joints at UK.

In nineteenth century and especially after the Indian independence a large number of chefs and business families immigrated to London seeking job and settlement at different communities at UK. This gave a strong impetus to Indian cuisines here in England. The first record of an Indian restaurant at UK was Salut e Hind. Soon after that came Shafi. During the fifties and sixties there was rapid growth of Indian Restaurants in UK. Some of these areas include London and south-east Britain. Even the famous tandoors were introduced at Britain in the sixties. With the Indian population growing, so was the need of cheap Indian food. In 1982, Taj International Hotels opened The Bombay Brasserie in Courtfield Road under Adi Modi and changed the entire face of Indian restaurant scenario at UK. Some of the restaurants were able to establish itself at a prominent scale at UK. Beside Taj International numerous other catering services came up at London and its suburbs. You can book such catering services online and on telephones. Even today some of the restaurants are widely known for their catering services in UK.

It is important for any perfect host to arrange a party prestigiously and uniquely for its guests. While a corporate event needs utmost professionalism and smooth execution, a wedding party needs to be memorable yet exclusive. Some clients want theme parties and small get together while others want extravagant occasions with Indian themes and décor. Food and service are unparallel and authentic in Indian traditional functions. Indian caterers are prestigious and popular among British customers as well as Indian colonies established in UK.

Most of the Indian Caterer at UK has a varied list of Indian authentic items at their palate. Some of these include the Punjabi dishes that are rich and mouth watering delicacies. Even the South Indian and the North Indian dishes are widely known for its flavor and variety. Catering is often sold at flat prices on per –person basis. However, lighting, table settings and decoration cost extra amount of money. You have a varied palate of Non-Vegetarian dishes like kababs, tandoori tikkas, roshan goshts, biryani, butter chicken etc. Side by side, the Indian Caterers at UK serve exotic flavors of vegetarian catering dishes from India like Navratan Korma and Shahi Paneer.

Delicious food like samosas, gobi manchurian garlic naan, methi roti, aloo paratha, puri, and bhature are created in an authentic character using custom built kitchens of charcoal and wood-fired clay ovens. Kebabs and many non vegetarian dishes are double marinated and incorporated with spices that brings along a strong special taste from the vegetables.

The Indian Caterers are not only famous for their freshest product but also finest ingredients and improved traditional dishes. It serves the purpose of every modern party and traditional functions at UK. The Indian caterers at UK are an excellent value for money. Their reputation for culinary perfection and personal service is peerless and amongst the best.