Vegetarian Indian Caterers and vegetarian food

This is an article on Indian Vegetarian Food Caterers in the UK

Millions are turning over to vegetarianism and healthy balanced food habits in hope to curb down the diseases that one may suffer from non vegetarian food inclination. In the United Kingdom (UK) alone there are 3 million vegetarians who work out their diet mostly on starchy, high fibre vegetable foods. Every week thousands more are changing over. Vegetarian foods are nutritionally adequate as also controls the amount of saturated fat you might consume through animal meat. Vegetarianism reduces the possibility of different disease like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and colon cancer.

This has considerably increased the number of Indian vegetarian caterers around the world. Any wedding event or corporate ado’s needs adjustment for people who are vegetarian in their food habits. A separate set of vegetarian cuisines are available from the caterers. This might be Indian or otherwise. Whether small parties or personal events, vegetarian food is a must have.

In Asian Community like India, vegetarianism is more of a religious practice among Brahmins and Hindus rather than a choice to improve ones’ health. There are a significant number of vegetarians in India. Catering simple vegetarian delicacies is more of a necessity in most festivities rather than a desire. You can observe a significant rise of Indian vegetarian caterers in India as throughout the world. In UK itself most caterers serve vegetarian dishes side by side the non vegetarian ones. Curry Special is the most renowned catering service in UK. There are thousand others who follow the same path.

For centuries Indians have practiced vegetarianism and cooking vegetarian cuisines for their family. There is a subtle use of spices in most vegetarian dishes. This is done to enhance the flavour of the vegetables. Most of the spices are also known to be a good appetizing and digesting substances. Starting from Gujarati to Maharastrian or South Indian, there are a range of vegetarian catering menus available. Gujarati thali is the most famous. There are many other vegetarian Indian foods like khichris, puloao, saag, aloo, subjis, sambars and kormas. South Indian dishes namely dosas, idlis and vadas are also available.

Indian vegetarian catering is very well appreciated by the Britons and foreigners around the world. Indian caterers serve vegetarian dishes together with the other cuisines and dishes. Indian vegetarian caterers often follow the requirements and preferences that are useful for religious beliefs. All Indian vegetarian caterers cook dishes separately. Area of cooking, storage and refrigeration of ingredients are done separately. Various means are used to avoid any possible contamination with non vegetarian dishes. The Curry Special, Indian Bites, Sayona caterers etc are some well known Indian vegetarian caterers in UK. Many hold an excellent review on hygiene, health and safety.

There are separate certifications for Indian vegetarian caterers. Each one encompasses in quality and deliverance of food with utmost grace. Waters, waitress, chefs and manager are chosen from well taught institutes of hospitality. They are learned as well as experienced. Indian vegetarian caterers also provide other services like catering disposal, flowering, venue selection, and entertainment. Exclusive Indian vegetarian caterers are also available.

Real ethnic buffet, BBQ, lunches or 3 course dinner cuisines are all available in vegetarian verities of cooking as well. Snacks and pakoras can be arranged well in time. You can place your orders according to budget and the theme of your party. Drinks are also available. Sweets are an absolute delicacy in Indian vegetarian catering.

Some, well known exclusive desserts include:
• Suji Halwa ( Kesary)
• Gulab Jamun
• Gajar Halwa
• Rasgulla (benagali sweet)
• Jalebi
• Boondi Ladoo